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February 10, 2008

Appreciation for librarians

I would like to see Kansas City dedicate an “Appreciation of Librarians Day” that would be celebrated every year. Librarians have broadened minds, kept people informed and of course provided reading that entertains.

I have fond memories of when I was very little and my older sister Frances would take me to the North-East Library, then in Northeast High School building. We walked almost a mile to check out books. I remember when I got my first library card and the librarian treated me like I’d grown-up. Getting that card was like discovering gold! I wish I had saved it.

Over these many years, I have used the Kansas City Library not only for checking out books, but with the help of the librarians at the Missouri Valley Room, I have learned so much about Kansas City’s history. And the reference department has never failed to find an answer to a question that I’ve called about.

Let’s celebrate those people who work at all libraries. We owe them that tribute.

Dory DeAngelo
Kansas City



Pretty librarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrian..."

"The Music Man" has always been one of my favorites.

T. Hanson

Once again I say "Shhhhh"

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