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February 25, 2008

Chiefs club level seats

I don’t know if I’m more upset with the Chiefs for their selfishly greedy handling of the price increase for Club Level season ticket holders, or The Star for not moving faster to put all season-ticket holders on notice (2/16, Sports Daily, “Ticket plan riles Chiefs fans; Team gives club-level holders 10 days to decide on major price increase”).

My father transferred two tickets to me when he became too elderly to attend the games. They have been in my family for 41 years. They have been a source of some great moments in Kansas City football and they have been a source of unforgettable family memories.

Every year the Chiefs send us a letter that talks about the family of Chiefs fans and how important we are to the organization.

This isn’t how functional families work.

Those on the Club Level have paid dearly for little more than a shorter line for the women’s restroom. We are due more courtesy, recognition and respect. We should be given more than 10 days to make a five-year commitment that reflects a large portion of our entertainment dollars.

Since all season ticket holders will be benefiting from the stadium improvements, why aren’t all being asked for a five-year commitment?

I expected more from Clark Hunt.

Teri Smedley
Lees Summit


Brenda in KC

I read the KC Star article mentioned about this unfortunate new policy and was frankly appalled. I have been a season ticket holder for almost 20 years (thankfully, not in the Club level). Every year we get information from Carl about changes for the new year and I can tell you that there was not a peep about this in any of the information distributed to season ticket holders. Yes, there was mention of possible minimal price increases but nothing like our Club level friends got stuck with and certainly nothing about contract-commitments. And where was this information when the good citizens of Kansas City, MO were asked to fund the improvements? I'm sure you weren't informed that your new tax bill wouldn't really be sufficient to cover the improvements and it would require strong arming fans that have weathered through some very dim years to fund something that doesn't even include the ever-promised rolling roof! I live on the Kansas side, so neither the increased taxes nor the Club level commitment are applicable to me but I feel very sorry for my fellow fans and to the Chiefs players who will probably lose some very supportive fans because of this. How about a compromise... have the number of years you've owned the tickets count toward the 5-year commitment? Or something reasonable? What's currently on the table is not reasonable.

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