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February 09, 2008

Nuclear power

While browsing the newly acquired books at the Corinth Library, I ran across Power To Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy by Gwyneth Cravens with an introduction by Kansas City native and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Rhodes.

It is a remarkable study of the development and history of nuclear energy. I believe it should be read as a sequel to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

It is well-balanced and, if read, will dispel many of the misconceptions and fears concerning nuclear energy.

You will discover that nuclear energy is not only safe and economical but also the most environmentally neutral of all our sources of generated electricity.

One of the most fascinating chapters covers the reactor research, development and testing. She describes the newest and most promising reactor technology, the IFR, which is safer and will reconstitute waste from other reactors, as well as convert weapons-grade uranium for recycling in nuclear power generation.

This and other new technologies are waiting to be deployed. All that is needed is public understanding and acceptance.

I would like to second the praise given in Lewis Diuguid’s recent commentary for our libraries and, in particular, the staff at Corinth for featuring this book.

Mic Morris
Overland Park



Culture Change
Perhaps the new technology is the answer to what to do with the used fuel rode. The letter writer says "the IFR, which is safer and will reconstitute waste from other reactors".

Stifled Freedom

What nuclear energy needs a final decision on where and how to handle the waste fuel rods. I thought Bush was going to do this, but it seems he flaked again. I think a massage parlor opened somewhere and that became top priority. This fuel rod disposal issue is a decision that must be made.

Its not a matter of what to do with future fuel rods. We already have a lot of spend fuel. We have been generating the stuff for 40 years. Its a matter of what to do with spent fuel we already have.

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