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February 01, 2008

Red Bridge project

As a Red Bridge Road area resident, I appreciate the public input process that the city undertook with BWR (Bucher Willis & Ratliff Corp.) consultants.

It showed the true consensus in the area for a real bridge over the railroad tracks and Blue River with at least a three-lane road, sidewalk and trail from Holmes to Grandview Road.

I ask our city leaders to help the project move forward per the BWR study and take the “Friends of Red Bridge” group input for what it is — a minority opinion that does not reflect reality.

Dan Packard
Kansas City



Dan Packard isn't even registered to vote, so he's now caring about public issues? I'll bet you the leader of the small group of City hacks trying to push through old Chuck Eddy's bridge (Harold P. "Tim" Henry, who lives right by Packard) put Packard up to it, and he didn't even write it himslef.

The City will stop at nothing to override the will of the people.

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