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February 10, 2008

Respect our anthem

In response to “.‘Home of the Vikings’ isn’t welcome at West” (2/6, Local): It is wonderful that Principal Charles McLean took issue with his students being disrespectful when singing the national anthem.

Officials at Shawnee Mission West kicked out students who chose to exercise their “free speech” by changing the last few words to “Home of the Vikings” rather than “Home of the brave.”

Singing the national anthem is a sign of respect. I’m so glad Mr. McLean saw this as a perfect example to impress upon this lesson up on his students (and adults as well).

Show respect when attending sporting events for those who have served in the military past or present. Show respect for those who gave their lives in service for their country. Show respect for the freedoms you are lucky enough to enjoy each and every day.

Principal McLean saw a teachable moment and made sure he didn’t waste the opportunity. I want to thank him. I only hope more adults and young people will follow his lead.

Dianna L. Scalf



If they are going to augment the National Anthem get it right, "and the home of the SHEEEEEEEEEP"


No one is censoring the speech. They are just suffering the consequences of their actions.

T. Hanson

While disrespectful, should ones rights be silenced, because it is offensive? I will always say the National Anthem as it should be, but those solders died to protect the freedom that should not be oppressed.


Yeah, home of the Vikings doesn't sound right, it should be "Home of the CHIEFS!!!"

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