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February 12, 2008

Save or spend?

I have listened to the expert’s advice on the economy and discovered the answer is quite simple really.

Rising health-care costs: set aside earnings in a private health-care plan.

Failing Social Security: set aside earnings in a private retirement plan.

Too much private debt: set aside earnings in a savings plan.

Shrinking personal income problem: set aside earnings in a market investment plan.

Troubled education system: set aside earnings for a private educational plan.

To avoid a recession: spend more of our earnings.

How can we do this you may ask? Just follow the example of our elected officials.

Refund some of your earnings to your employer (cutting taxes) and borrow the funds you need from China. I know it doesn’t sound right but it according to these experts it is the path to economic success for America.

James R. Talbott
Lee’s Summit



Aren't Pelosi et al dedicated to letting the Bush tax cuts expire? And isn't that raising taxe?


I know this is a lost cause but: Hey NMMNG! Can you back up even one of your above statements with fact??

Didn't think so.


nancy Pelosi and her crowd believe the follwoinw will pull everyone out of any economic hole.

1) Offer more dependency to those that are already dependent.
2) Spend more of OPM so long as you qualify to spend OPM
3) Increase taxes
4) Increase taxes
5) Erradicate free enterprise and replace it with government
6) Increase foodstamps
7) Increase unemployment rewards as to NOT give anyone incentive to get off their duffs and get a job
8) Increase taxes

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