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February 03, 2008

Thank your librarian

Thank you, Lewis Diuguid, for “Librarians often don’t get credit they deserve” (1/30, Opinion).

As one who became a librarian by accident, it has been a challenge for me to counter stereotypes about the profession.

Librarians are information professionals, often with graduate degrees, who follow a code of ethics set forth by the American Library Association. We pride ourselves on knowing how to find information in a variety of mediums including the Internet, databases, magazines, journals and, yes, even books.

The ability to sift through information quickly and find the morsel of data that a patron is seeking is truly a skill.

In an effort to remind the public and lawmakers about our value, librarians across Missouri will descend upon Jefferson City on Feb. 12 to educate and inform as a part of Missouri Library Advocacy Day.

Additionally, the American Library Association has launched an “I Love My Librarian” campaign to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

While these are all steps towards change there is still much advocacy to be done. Next time you see your local librarian, please remember to say thank you.

Kimberlee N. Ried
President-elect, Missouri Library Association
Kansas City



lq [laughing quietly]

T. Hanson


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