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February 02, 2008

Tolbert, Bannister Mall

Maybe Richard Tolbert doesn’t remember why Bannister Mall died. As a customer and employee, I remember it very well.

As a customer, I remember the hoodlums who roamed the concourses of the mall four, five and six deep disrupting the experience of weekend shopping. Earlier in the mall’s history, security made them leave, but as bad management arrived, that disappeared. The hoodlums prevailed and the people left. They did not need the harassment.

As an employee, I witnessed thieves running into the store from outside entrances, grabbing merchandise, and then running back to safety. I did not leave the store without being escorted at night. The stores could not sustain the theft, and so they left the mall. Later, businesses in that area told me the same, that theft was the biggest reason they had to leave.

I resent the idea that the new plan for the area is for whites. What on earth is Tolbert thinking — that blacks are not interested in safety? This new plan is not just for black or white, but for everyone.

B. Reed
Kansas City



solomon, wherever you are
The lady's letter sounds rather different from your comments on the subject. Any comments?


You can always go shop at the Landing.

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