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February 24, 2008

What about HD owners?

Shame on Toshiba. I feel it is rotten service and poor decision making that this organization just halts the HD line (2/20, Business, "Toshiba’s loss is rivals’ gain; With HD DVDs out of the picture, competition will grow in the Blu-ray format").

What do all the customers do who just purchased HD DVD equipment for loved ones and themselves for Christmas? Are they left out in the cold long after winter has come and gone? Will the manufacturer accept returns for all items still under warranty since they obviously won’t perform the way they were designed?

I think Toshiba should be held accountable for this bail-out. They didn’t just give up and let the competition win. All their supporters have lost, too.

Ben Moyer
Bonner Springs



Ironically, Betamax was the superior product back in the eighties - and HD DVD seemed like the better product today.

Sony has obviously learned from its past mistakes. From a marketing standpoint, they blew Toshiba away.


Ben is obviously ill-informed or a total airhead. Where has this guy been? Months before last Christmas, Blockbuster announced it would only carry Blu-ray. Is that not enough for someone with an IQ of 60 to hesitate about buying HD-DVD? Sony and Blu-ray won this round... Sony and Beta lost 30 years ago. Free market capitalism.


Toshiba announced that it would still service and repair any HD DVD unit that they made.

And apparently Ben has no recollection of the whole "VHS or Betamax" issue that happened years ago. I'm sure all the Betamax owners back then were pissed off, but, this stuff happens. Next time, do what the rest of the country did: wait until one format is in command to purchase

I also don't get the comment "since they obviously won't perform the way they were designed" because, well, they will STILL perform playing the HD-DVD format. That won't change. Its not like they are uploading a virus into your system to ruin it. The only thing it won't be able to do is play Blu-Ray discs, which it was never supposed to do in the first place

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