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March 27, 2008

A real Easter Bunny

Secret Santa and the Easter Bunny have now come to Strawberry Hill.

I’m a lifelong resident here. For the last few years, every Christmas and Easter morning, all of my neighbors and I find a cheery little package on our front porch filled with the goodies of the season.

This Easter morning my package contained green Easter grass, a little stuffed pink bunny, a small statue of the crucified Christ and a plastic purple egg with a tiny candy bar inside. These are usually accompanied by a little holy card of the season.

How caring and thoughtful is this person who comes out in the night or the wee hours of the morning and remembers neighbors in this way, reminding us of the “reason for the season.”

Thank you, dear person, whoever you are. I’m still trying to watch out for you to thank you personally.

Francie Sachen
Kansas City, Kan.



When someone puts a bag on your porch and lights it on fire, it is not a positive message.

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