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March 13, 2008

A trike is not a car

In the March 3 Star (Local, “Is it a motorcycle?”), there was a picture from the Mid-America RV Show that showed one of our unique trikes. It was a great picture, but there was nothing following up on it. We are the only authorized Midwest dealer for both the U.S.-made “ScootCoupe” and the South American “Let’s Tango,” which was pictured.

The three-wheeled trike design, with two wheels in front, makes these vehicles very stable. They have passed all Department of Transportation and EPA requirements qualifying them as street-legal motorcycles in all states. Both provide excellent stability, maneuverability and durability, plus an astounding 70 to 80 miles per gallon.

We most often are asked about these vehicles, “Is it as safe as a car?” The answer is, no. They are motorcycles. But they are much safer than conventional motorcycles.

Wayne Sanderson
Motorhead’s Scoot & Cycle
Kansas City, Kan.



I'm old enough to remember the Isseta (sp?).

A dad in the neighborhood (yes, I was that young) owned a Chicken Delight (home delivery). They used Isettas for delivery vehichles. One day a driver locked up the breaks. The car(?) rolled down the street like a bowling ball.

The driver sued. End of Chicken Delight.

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