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March 27, 2008

Bag the plastic bags

I serve as chairman of the Beautification Commission for the city of Independence. Our group is concerned about plastic bags, the ones merchants give you with your groceries and other purchases. Sometimes a purchase as small as a greeting card is offered to you in a plastic bag.

Drive down any street in our town and look around. Those plastic bags are everywhere, hanging on the trees and bushes or scattered about on the ground. They are not biodegrading, and they are not going away.

What can you do?

  1. Just say no whenever you can. Carry your greeting card or pack of gum or candy bar out of the store in your hand.
  2. Buy and use reusable canvas bags. Most merchants sell these bags, or you can use any other bags that seem to find their way into your closet. Keep the bags in your car and use them when you shop.
  3. Tell your friends and family about this problem and ask them to help.

Gloria J. Smith



"JJ, I actually like you a liitle more for the story."

... just means you didn't appreciate me enough in the first place. ;-)


JJ, I actually like you a liitle more for the story. Some of us love sticking it to people with "preachy attitudes."



Don't tell that story around people who like you. They'll like you less.


I still remember years ago when I was bagging at a grocery store and I asked a customer if he wanted a bag - this one happened to be paper - he said, "No, we don't need to cut down any more trees." So I said "All right, I'll just throw it away." And I proceeded to wad the bag up and stuff it in the trash can right in front of him.
I think it was just his preachy attitude that made me react that way - but you should have seen the look on his face. As they say in the commercials it was "priceless".


I purchased dog food and laundry detergent today, the only two items I went in for. They bagger wanted to "bag" them. One has a handle and the other in in a multi-layered bag. BWAHAHA


Jack - so what you're saying is that the bags we see aren't the real problem - they will degrade.
That should come as good news for Gloria.


Remember when these bags first came out and they were advertised (said right on them) as environmentally friendly and "bio-degradable"?

Yep, they degrade rapidly when exposed to sunlight. They don't degrade worth a darn when buried in a landfill.

Save the environment! Throw all your plastic bags in a nice, sunny, roadside ditch!

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