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March 15, 2008

‘Bodies Revealed’

Last spring, I attended an exhibition of bodies similar to the event now at Union Station. Inside the exhibit, people were subdued and respectful. I was amazed and awed. Other people seemed to share my feelings.

After comparing the state of the bodies in the exhibition with what happens to bodies at a typical funeral, it occurred to me that being transformed into a permanent educational museum display is a more worthy end for a corpse than pointlessly pumping it full of preservatives, dressing it in fine clothing, stuffing it in an expensive crate and then burying it.

As a future dead person myself, I cannot conceive of a better fate for my otherwise useless remains, other than being an organ donor, than having my body be used for the education and enlightenment of others.

As we all approach death, perhaps more of us should consider thinking “outside the box.”

Will FitzPatrick
Kansas City

The “Bodies Revealed” exhibition at the Union Station reveals how disrespectful we have become of our bodies and human life. Even if these bodies were donated freely, which is highly doubtful, that still does not justify such mutilations and then displaying them.

If corpses are dissected for medical analysis, that is one thing. But displaying the corpses after they have been chopped up is unacceptable. We cannot allow this exhibition to stay.

G. Toenjes
St Mary’s, Kan.



Solomon - it hasn't reached the "Book of Daniel" level of ridiculous just yet. Remember that? The letters had a longer run than the show.


From one future dead guy to another ... "Well said, Will!"


ENOUGH WITH THE DEAD BODY LETTERS....how many interesting letters are rejected while we read this stuff. This is as inane as the Semler thing.

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