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March 13, 2008

‘Bodies Revealed’

As a high school student, I see nothing wrong with the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit. What better way to educate the public on anatomy than to show and explain what humans are made of and how we work?

This exhibit is showcasing how far science has come, not just parading dead bodies. This is for education, and if you do not want to see it, then don’t go.

Christina Moore
Kansas City, North

To see the organs connected at the “Bodies Revealed” exhibit at Union Station in the respiratory, digestive, urinary, etc., systems is the real deal. That is how we are inside of our own bodies. Pictures in books, plastic overlays, and various kinds of models are not the real thing. There is certainly nothing insulting or degrading about our own bodies or this exhibit, as some of the letters to the editor are suggesting. There is something here for us to learn and appreciate about ourselves. In our country we strive for education for all, to stamp out all ignorance. Go see it.

Bob Siemens



If the first letter was from a high school student, the second must be from a 2nd grader.


How much free advertising does the Star think this exhibit deserves?

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