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March 07, 2008

Chiefs ticket prices

As a Chiefs season ticket holder since 1972, I was for the tax to improve the stadium. However, I take exception to the fact that the football club seems to want to charge me again for the improvements, just because I sit in the club level.

The price of the tickets is more than doubling so we can have a hotel atmosphere with fireplaces. (How about a winning team?)

Really, I believe it’s so the richer people can have our seats. But, I didn’t see them grabbing up tickets and filling up the stadium this season. Nor will they if we don’t win.

I’m being priced out of my seats of 30-plus years with a bums rush. Is this a way to get the common folk away from the club level or maybe the Chiefs away from Kansas City?

Connie McQuain



I would bet Connie has a #27 jersey and wears it proudly.


Connie you are a moron. You voted to tax the rest of us for a PRIVATE enterprise. Now you have the nads to whine about a ticket price increase. It serves you right in my opinion. Personally I think you should suck it up and buy season tickets again for Lamar"s losers, what are they now 1 and 40?


Connie, you are an elitist whiner. Thanks for screwing the many of us who already can not afford season tickets due to excessive taxation and handouts for you welfare bunch. I hope they triple ticket prices, serves you idiots right. Stadium improvement shold be paid for by those that use the stadium not all citizens as a corporate/quasi-social welfare program.
Thanks for taking my hard earned money and pissing it away on mental masturbation.

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