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March 12, 2008

Chiefs tickets

This will be my 41st year with Chiefs season tickets. My sisters won’t be out there with me this year. They tried to make a partial payment on their tickets over the Internet, like they do every year, but the Chiefs said no. Come out to Arrowhead, take time off work and they would accept a partial. So my sisters are going to stay home and watch the Chiefs on TV, if they sell out Arrowhead.

Alexander Madrigal
Kansas City, Kan.



Just another reason to NEVER live within the Kansas City limits. You get screwed by TIF, failing infrastructure, taxation for stuff like losing sports teams.....and the list continues to grow.


Life is so rough.
At least you do not have to pay for your entertainment, those of us in Jaco get to flip the bill for your God athletes and their millionaire Hunt kid.
Alexander I would say you are an official memeber of the crybaby club.
You can't even get off your duff and go to Arrowhead to pay for your tickets. I would bet you are a Democrat. You are too lazy and think you are entitled, sounds like a liberal to me.

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