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March 13, 2008

Donahue’s documentary

Regarding your coverage of the documentary “The War at Home” (3/5, FYI)

It was really nice to hear what Phil Donahue, the film’s director, is up to these days. Since Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher defeated the USSR in the Cold War, there have been few enemies of the United States for him to ally himself with. So, the events of Sept. 11, 2001, must have come as quite a relief.

Also, while I commend Tomas Young for his service, I find his knowledge of history, well, lacking. He is quoted in the article as saying, “"It’s sort of like if after Pearl Harbor we declared war on China.” It’s worse than that, Tomas: After Pearl Harbor, we declared war on Germany and Italy. And, against the advice of his generals, Roosevelt invaded Africa.

That’s the way this country works. Our elected leaders decide policy and the military executes it.

Jim Breed
Overland Park



Jim said nothing about sequence. And we did finally declare war on Germany and Italy. And we did go into Africa before we were competent to do so.


Gee, can't anyone read? We declared war on Japan. On December 8, 1941 there weren't enough votes in Congress to get a resolution against Germany. Germany declared war on us.

I note that another general made the mistake of disagreeing with what Bush wants to do. An "unexpected" retirement.

And another one bites,
And another one bites,
And another one bites the dust!


I think "this Jim" is balls on correct.


I wonder why Jim is so bitter?

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