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March 22, 2008

Factory farms

Missouri lawmakers are on spring break. Some have gone south. Others may stick around and take the opportunity to rediscover Missouri state parks. When they do, a few surprises await.
Roaring River State Park, a favorite for trout anglers, sits downstream from a 65,000-chicken factory farm.
Legislators who are history buffs might visit the Battle of Athens State Historic Site. Smells wafting over the park won’t be from cannon fire — but they might be from tons of hog waste in factory hog operations entrenched nearby.
Animal factories are poised to put thousands of tons of manure within stinking distance of sacred sites like Arrow Rock.
Harry Truman wouldn’t begrudge legislators heading south for relaxation. He did it himself. But what if he returned to find a factory farm too close to a park or historic site? Give ’Em Hell Harry just might have a message for returning lawmakers: Don’t let factory farms foul our Missouri parks.
John Robinson
Former Missouri director of tourism



Rogue/BuddyT - Once again you are talking through your butt. Factory arms not only smell bad, they provide you with cheap chicken and pork because they often hire illegals at minimum wage. Factory farms also don't usually leave their profits in the community. They also are so disconnected from the consumer that they don't put a lot into quality. Cuts down on profits. Shop locally as much as you can and support farmers markets.



You are way off base in this one. These industrial farms make a community suffer from the smell. Don't know what the worst thing you smelled in Nam, and I know you experienced smells there that a kc boy like us could not have imagined.

Now multiply that by five and sit on your front porcj and be affected by the corporate facility that set up in your town. 365 days a year. Try selling your house there.

I won't even start on how cruel these places are. I'm no PETA supporter, hey, if I have the year I expect the Mrs. gets a Sable coat for Christmas, but if you ever watch any films of these operations I think you'd agree.


OK, don't ever complain about the cost of your chicken sandwich ever, ever, again. You guys crack me up, curse your right hand, then grab it with your left.

Tom K

This is what we sign up for when we let developers push smaller operations out in favor of urban sprawl.


Anyone who has ever been to a country where the air reeks of raw sewage will understand Johns point. that businesses are allowed to force any community to smell like this is terrible.

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