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March 31, 2008

Isn’t it rich?

I cannot describe the devastation I feel when I think of people about to lose their 10,000-plus square foot, $1 million-plus homes (3/23, A-1, “An abrupt end for high life”).

In reading this article, I must have missed the part about which bank has set up a trust fund so that I may donate to the cause of saving these people’s mortgages.

I am sure if I rummage through my pant pockets and couch cushions I can easily come up with a monthly payment or two to help bail out these poor, pathetic people.

Patrick Keating
Overland Park



Do you have some examples to back up that statement? The rich are very unliely to be caught in a mortgage problem. On the other hand, what do the rest of owe to simeone who refinanced his $125,000 home with a $160,000 mortgage and spent the extra money on cars, boats, vacations, etc.?


Watch the Gov bail out the super rich. Only a $1.5million home? Ain't big enough to get government help. Now, if you took a $100,000,000 dollar "severance package" from a company you ran into the ground and own a $20mil "house", THAT'S one the governemnt will want to help.

Something has "trickled down" but it sure ain't money.


People losing homes of that magnatude deserve to lose them. Arrogant, self centered, boasting idiots.
Families that simply have a simple $150,000 house and their rate nearly doubles, that is a different story provided they were paying their prtgage before the rate increase. many people financed 125% of their "value" only to find that they used that money to buy more lavish items and their homes were overvalued thanks to greedy realtors, mortgage brokers and appraisers. They all benefitted from this fiasco. it is very unlikely you can buy a $1M house with "subprime" credit. These people were show offs. You see them on the highways during rush hours, driving the H2 or Range Rover with thier Blackberry and Bluetooth, trying to act cool.

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