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March 03, 2008

Jonas Brothers frustration

The Sprint Center just got the last of my money.

I bought tickets for the Feb. 27 Jonas Brothers concert five days prior to the concert through Ticketmaster. I spent more than $125 on tickets for lower-level seats.

That was OK.

But the night of the concert I picked up the tickets at the box office. A lady next to me was purchasing floor seats, 12 rows back from the stage.

What? I was told all floor seats were sold out when ordering tickets, only to discover that the promoters gave their tickets back to the Sprint Center to resell.

So I spend $125 and get lower-level, she spends $85 and gets next to the stage.

Does anyone know the name of the person who runs this place?

TerriLynn Ozburn



T. Hanson
All filers participated in the tax cuts so the odds are she did. You too, I'd guess. Lots of people got excused from paying any tax.


Middle class??? Certainly not the upper 2% bracket. I am just saying, everyone running around in panic with claims that the majority of the 98% of the country are in crisis yet go to any major city in the country and I would bet you see plenty of these crisis vicitms using credit cards, eating out, concerts, sporting events, hitting the local BestBuy for that flat panel LCD or plasma, Footlocker and the $100+ sneakers, etc.
So which is it? Are we in crisis or is that just some designer statement the Democrats use to instill fear and promote more socialism?

T. Hanson

Not everyone is in the lap of luxery and from her location (Shawnee) and her egarness to buy those tickets, I am sure she was included on a certian tax cut.


I thought everyone is broke, the economy is in disaster and no one can afford to even pay basic living expenses?
At least this is what Obama and most of the shepp are believeing.
Are concerts an entitlement or a luxury?


I'm in agreement as well. I've been able to score choice seats for shows at the last minute for decades. It doesn't always work, but the chances are typically quite good.

T. Hanson

Agree Devin, my brother has always been able to fly first class and pay the rate of coach just by striking up a conversation with the airline complant department. He might have not even had a complant but just by listening, asking and being kind he has been able to have free drinks and a great flight.
Interesting that word of advice about being kind.


This is how every entertainment venue in the country works...it has nothing to do with Sprint Center. And if you think it's bad that the promoters get the prime seats, be happy you're not attending a show at a casino. I worked as a concierge for a casino for awhile in Tahoe and the house reserved literally half the seats in the house (the best half, of course) and the public got the leftovers. It's like most things in life, if you want the best, you've got to be connected.

Of course, unused seats regularly get released to the box office to sell. If you want to get great, last-minute seats, chat up someone in the box office for awhile (you know, by being friendly, not indignant), and see if they'll tell you when released seats generally come available (in casinos, it was typically 2-3 hours before showtime, not sure how standard that is). On the night of the show, be at the box office before the seats are released, make sure to say "hi" to your new friend in the box office, and you'll frequently be rewarded with great last-minute seats at face value (and if you buy them at the box office you avoid the outrageous Ticketmaster fees, too). Now, I must kill you all because you know too much ;-)

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