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March 18, 2008

Kline, Planned Parenthood

I am once again dismayed at the conduct of Johnson County Prosecutor Phill Kline and his misuse of public funds to harass a legal operation in our community.
It appalled me when the Johnson County Republican Committee “elected” him when he had not won the Johnson County vote in the previous election, but I thought he might behave himself and we could wait it out until the term ended. He did assure us that he would not be running again. But he has used that office for his own private crusade in going after anyone or any organization he dislikes or disagrees with.
Isn’t this malicious prosecution/persecution? Since when are people in danger of being prosecuted for conducting legal business?
This is so wrong. I’m glad that grand jury system saw through it (3/11, A-1, “Charges and countercharges over grand jury; Those with a stake in the Planned Parenthood proceedings have different takes on what occurred”).
I hope the county and state will take their opinions and suggestions regarding small numbers of people petitioning for a grand jury to heart and change it. This has been abused by Kline and could be by others.
Linda Katz
Overland Park


Dan Beyer

"We will protect the weak, listen to the voiceless...We will unmask wrongdoing. We will serve the truth."-2006 Planned Parenthood Inc. Award Winner, The Kansas City Star.
Just not the little victims both unborn babies and the little girls brought by pedophiles to Planned Parenthood Inc.

Dan Beyer

I wonder how the staff of the Star lives with themselves knowing that the longer Planned Parenthood Inc. gets away with protecting child rapists the more pedophiles will continue to rape children? How many more children must be raped and then it get covered up before the Star will expose this horrific criminal activity by Planned Parenthood Inc.?

Dan Beyer

With a billion dollar budget and the Star helping them at every turn I don't feel sorry for the pedophile protecting Planned Parenthood Inc.


If you have a link to the Grand Jury's activities I'd be glad to read it. There has been nothing published that would indicate that a real effort was made by the Grand Jury, or that anyone invilved was interested in making an effort.


How conveniently we forget. The attorney representing the grand jury and the attorney for planned parenthood had an agreement on how to provide the grand jury the info requested while protecting the women's right to privacy. Why didn't this info get to the Grand Jury until way late? Phill Kline. He went to court to stop them. I guess, if he isn't allowed personally to go through every file (probable cause be damned) then he would prefer no information at all.

Listen to yourselves. Everyone involved, Planned Parenthood, their attorney, the judge, the entire Grand Jury, the G.J.'s attorney--they were all involved in some grand conspiracy. Yeah. Sure. "Magic bullets" and "grassy knowles".

Kline just got lectured by a judge in open court that sarcasm isn't fact. He may very well be in process of blowing a slam dunk murder case.

Maybe if he spent less time crusading he would have more time to actually do his job.


" But he has used that office for his own private crusade in going after anyone or any organization he dislikes or disagrees with."
Anyone and everyone Linda? Who would those anyone's and everyone's be??
Another typical screeching letter from the pro baby murder crowd.


Information about the Grand Jury's activities was very sparse. The impression I got was that the Grand Jury did not exert much energy in its activities. Planed Parenthood resisted the requests for information. Based on what information I saw, those that were complied with were not until the last week of the Jury's term. Some never were. There was no evidence of the Court, the Prosecutors or the Jury applying any pressure to force Planned Parenthood to comply. How many hours was the Jury actually in session? The entire impression given was that all concerned were simply going through the motions with a little actual input as possible. If there is a link available to the Jury's activities I'd be glad to read it.

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