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March 28, 2008

National deficit

Republicans keep claiming that Democrats are “the party of tax and spend.”

I guess that makes the Republicans “the party of borrow and spend.”

Phil Langley



MIZZOU! And proud of it.
At least MIZZOU is not ranked in the top 10 most liberal public universities in the country. Take your a$$ back to the KS side chump. And if you can not read the auditors report, you should ask for a refund of your college tuition, Mr. Math.


A tax cut is not an expenditure. You can't spend something that belongs to someone else.
As for the ammo, I assume that it was for K47's. The US Government does not manufacture ammo of that caliber. No US company manufactures it in quantity. So hoe to secure it is a problem. But just what that situation has to do with this thread is anyone's guess.


It's clear why people who despise government should never be trusted to run it. They run up huge deficits so they can justify gutting the federal budget. They have fancy names for it and shell games to get people to agree with it, but the entire time, that has been their goal.

Their hatred of government leads them to focus on other things, which allows corruption and incompetence to run rampant. Questions were raised years ago about the 40 year old Chinese ammo being sent to those fighting in Afghanistan. It was defective and dangerous, and it took a media report to get the government to do anything about it.

Take a look at this kid, and tell me it makes sense to give him a $300 million contract:




McCain has proposed spending more on tax cuts than the Dems have proposed on "social spending." How will he pay for all those promised and hinted at goodies?


The Demos want and promise to spend more than President Bush on all social programs. How are they going to carry out their given and implied promises and reduce spending? How are they going to pay for all the promised and hinted at goodies?


Just what is Blah-blah-NiceGuy talking about? "...since Missouri has been read handedly CAUGHT by the State Auditor STEALING and commiting a criminal act against citizens." What working class stiffs being extored? What lives ruined? And without having reasoned, intelligent remarks, he falls back on name calling..."Effing Gayhwak??? Worse yet, he must be a Mizzu Tigers fan.


Chris40: What scares me is the party of "responsibility" hyas absolutely no plan to ever repay the huge sums it is borrowing. And now the Fed is making billions upon billions available to the big banks and "investment banks" at a subsidized interest rate. SO first the Fed borrows the money to lend to these folks, then subsidizes the interest on the money. Can you guess what THAT is doing to the deficit?

And who gets to pay for it? Not us! Some are betting they will be dead before the bill comes due. Some (like McCain's buddy Hagee) are hoping to bring on Armeggedon. That way the "good people" and all sit in heaven, watching us "bad people" pay the bill for them.


George W. Bush's first budget in 2002 was for $2 trillion. His final budget in 2009 will be for $3.1 trillion. That is a 55 percent increase in just 8 years.

If the next president increases it another 55 percent, then we will have a $4.8 trillion federal budget 8 years from now.

This is clearly unsustainable. Hopefully the next president, whomever he or she might be, will do a much, much better job than George W. Bush has done on being responsible in reigning in the size of federal spending.


Stats: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Us_budget


I know! The biggest deficit in history being run up by a Republican President who had a Republican majority in BOTH the House and Senate is either: A) A good thing because a Republican did it or; B) Some how the fault of the Democratic Party.


What ever happened to "fiscal conservative" meaning a belief in paying today's bill today?


Rage on,
It's a crazy feeling.

Rage on,
The ex has got him realing..."

Apologies to Buddy Holly.

In the eyes of the self-proclaimed "conservatives" here, stealing money from future generations to pay for what you want today is just fine. At least as long as a Republican President approves of the theft.


Ooooh! Phil touched a nerve with that one. Now look at all the neandercons shriek. The truth hurts.


I do single out certain areas, since Missouri has been read handedly CAUGHT by the State Auditor STEALING and commiting a criminal act against citizens. Average working class stiffs being extorted, lives ruined. but you are okay with that huh. Effing Gayhwak liberal.


Bear Stearns should sink, no bail out.


NMMNG: You single out single moms when the Fed just pumped billions into the financial system to rescue Bear Stearns... Oh well, we know where you're coming from... Check out this web link: http://i27.tinypic.com/120m447.jpg


No wait, we have to spend millions to "insure the children" of Missouri, after that evil Blunt took the insurance of those poor kids away from them. Oh, and wait we have to spend billions to insure the poor kids around the company, I mean some of their parents only make $80K a year!


Phil, it all comes down to who takes your money and gives it to who.
Handing my hard earned money over to deadbeat single moms and lazy welafre scam artists, no thanks. At least I know the Iraqi government is enjoying new plasma TVs on our money and I can live with that for now.


Boy, THAT'S original.
It's only appeared like a hundred times on this blog alone.

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