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March 27, 2008

Nuclear power

There are constant letters and articles about power from wind, coal and the sun, but there is never a mention of nuclear power. Why is that?

More than 100 nuclear power plants operate throughout the country. Kansas and Missouri each has a nuclear power plant. Most people couldn’t tell you where they are.

Clean, renewable fuel of the future? We’re using it.

Edmond T. Doherty
Overland Park



Jack - great points all!
Ironically, the same people want to outlaw the incandescent light bulb in favor of a mercury containing potential death trap in every light fixture.


Comes from living in a Nation that has bread a belief in risk free living. Wrap the kid up like the Michelin Man to ride his bike. Don't let that child play in the park! Groups of children ONLY under the direct supervision of more adults than there are children. Seat belts, shoulder belts, airbags (not just in Congress), no more than 4oz of shampoo on that airplane!

Be afraid! Be very afraid!!

Next they are going to want to outlaw bathtubs, the single most dangerous place in the house!


Nukes pretty damn safe but the Al Gore cronies still are not happy. No matter what we do they are going to whine.
Meanwhile Bono is throwing a huge concert with record breaking lighting and audio. They will jet in from Australia on a 747 Hybrid.

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