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March 21, 2008

Obscene materials

Kansas Senate Bill 492 with Section. 2 is about local school board review of potentially obscene materials, not the “prosecution of teachers” herd mentality trumpeted by lobbyists.
My child’s class assignment contained vulgar descriptions of sexual encounters. I ran the gauntlet of months of forms, meetings with teachers, principals and committees, resulting in no change. Concerned parents were cast as overly prudish, practicing censorship, violating the First Amendment and burning books. What parent has the stomach for this?
TV, movies, games and videos all have systems that restrict entertainment choices available to minors. When all other institutions have gone the extra mile to voluntarily or by regulation evaluate sexually explicit content, why have schools maintained a policy that places the burden on parents?
Some say that a review of sexualized materials by the local school board would be “chilling” to academic freedom. We are not talking about adults. We are talking about educating minor children. Support Senate Bill 492 with Section 2 intact.
Phillip Cosby
Overland Park


Tom K

Newdealer, it's offensive, isn't it? Prudery is an excuse to attack people for things that are none of the prude's business. We've gotten way too used to being abused this way.


Mr. Cosby - If you're going to accuse people of pushing "vulgar descriptions of sexual encounters" on to school children, you really need to back that up with some examples so we can tell what you are talking about. I remember when some people thought the women's underwear section of the Sears catalogue was sexually offensive and should not be seen by children. Maybe you are just being a prude, can't tell by your letter.

Tom K

Parents who talk about "sexualized" materials and who want all sexual information withheld from their children by the schools often are guilty of violating the First Amendment, often do like burning books, and are definitely overly prudish.

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