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March 22, 2008

Protect the night sky

I encourage the swift passage of the Missouri Night Sky Protection Act. As you have read on the site, missourinspa.googlepages.com, there are many great reasons to adopt light pollution restrictions over our state parks, both economic and environmental.
What cannot be quantified are the hopes and aspirations of our children, grandchildren and future Missourians. A book about the U.S. flag published by Congress in 1977 states: “The star is a symbol of the heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired from time immemorial.”
A night under the stars gives our citizens an escape from daily hassles and an opportunity to contemplate life’s greater questions. It has inspired writers and artists throughout history and across cultures.
The extinction of this public natural resource is the same as the loss of our Ozark streams or any other ecosystem.
We have a simple choice: Either we let our stars fade away over our state parks or seek the truth about light pollution and the knowledge to remediate it.
Robert Wagner
Kansas City



Happy Easter zenozac.....hey, I'm trying here.



Yes, it was a fact that it was mean. C'mon man, it wasn't about anything you hate, and didn't ask for money to be spent on a study or a minority. You act like you never spent any time looking at the stars in awe.


No Solly, it was factual.



Now that was just mean.


Mr. Wagner I have three words for you, "get a life"! Amazing, simply amazing the things some dipsticks worry about.


I remember laying on our backs in the grass learning the constellations as a child. The sky was like a sea of lights. Can't do that in the city anymore.

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