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March 21, 2008

St. Patrick's Day parades

Kansas City

I would like to commend the St. Patrick’s Day parade committee for once again, and despite inclement weather, providing the community with a fun, well-organized event that annually brings thousands of people downtown.
As an average citizen who has enjoyed the parade for years, it seems that they work hard each year to address challenges and improve the parade.
As a daily Star reader, however, it is baffling to me to see yet again this year the strain of negativity in your coverage of the parade.
Comparing your published photos of other area parades in recent days with the rather miserable photos in Tuesday’s paper of cold and wet children and a sadly bedraggled dog have me wondering what on earth The Star has against this event.
From Hearne Christopher’s lame attempts to manufacture a feud between the Kansas City and Martin City parade organizers to repeated references to an incident of violence two years ago that took place near but not on the parade route, one has to wonder what the parade committee has done to inspire this kind of ire from the city’s primary paper.
K.A. Ross
Kansas City

Martin City

With great pleasure, I attended this year’s St. Patrick’s parade in Martin City last Sunday. The festival activities on 135th Street were great, and the atmosphere was as good as anyone could have hoped for. Yet it was still missing something.
As I walked north on Holmes Road at exactly 2 p.m., the parade start time, I was shocked to see fewer than two dozen folks camped out along the sanctioned route.
Why the organizers chose to highlight the area’s vacant properties and empty lots along Holmes Road instead of the vibrant neighborhood that the parade used to pass through is beyond explanation.
It is now time to put the neighborhood, the community and the soul back into this annual event.
Garrett Denzer
Kansas City



Let's get drunk and wear green clothes! What a way to celebrate a "Saint"!

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