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March 13, 2008

Telephone polling

Jason Dixon (Letters, 3/10) says political polls are inaccurate since so many people eschew landline phone service. That’s one reason I dumped my landline a year or so ago and have a cell phone only. I was sick and tired of getting calls from people trying to sell me something, pitch for their charity or find out who I was voting for.

A person’s home phone is for the convenience of family and friends — not strangers. Now that I no longer have a listed telephone number, I get calls only from people I want to hear from. Also, I am well over 30.

Please do not give pollsters any ideas about ferreting out cell phone numbers so they can waste my minutes.

Elaine Hines
Kansas City, Kan.



Amen. I lost my landline a couple months ago. I now wish I had done so years ago.

You can put yourself on the "no call list" but that only excludes robo-calls from hucksters. The "charity" folks and political folks can hound you to death.

Goodby AT&T. And good ridance.

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