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March 27, 2008

Two police departments

I spent an afternoon at Overland Park City Hall, protesting a $100 ticket for blocking an intersection. Traveling east on 75th street a block west of Metcalf, I stopped for a red light. My car was partially blocking a residential street. Apparently, this is illegal.

In my closing statement I shared that with 38 years of driving I have a near-perfect record. Others in the court were protesting similar tickets. One was guilty of making a too-wide turn.

In comparison, I participated in the ride-along program with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. There were opportunities to ticket for minor infractions, yet the officers’ focus was on the true safety and security of the public.

We came upon a suspect with a warrant out for his arrest. The suspect’s young son was upset as he watched his father being handcuffed and taken away. The officers were great with this child. One pulled from his trunk a teddy bear for the little boy.

Jeanette Metzler
Kansas City



Good afternoon GCYL,

Time for you to do your Mills Lane impersonation again. You handled them well mid-week.


Blow me!


Ms. Metzler, I'm going to have to agree with Chris40 on this one. You deserved your ticket, and I'm frankly glad to see someone got ticketed for blocking that intersection.

I know exactly where it is as I live near there. I don't know how many times I've been stuck trying to get out on 75th by people like you who fail to see the big sign that says "Do Not Block Intersection."

If you truly failed to see the sign (which I doubt) and never considered in 38 years of driving that blocking an intersection is not correct, than perhaps you need a refresher course in driver's ed.


Road rage inside a blog. Who would have thunk it?


14,000 Supercop, hell I have more than that in my driveway. And BTW, who calling old man, twerp?!


NM...&Rogue: This sounds more and more like a lover's quarrel. Time to get a room or get over it.

Letter writer SAYS she was partially blocking the cross street and is complaining she got a ticket? QYB lady.


I agree with you about lounging in the hammer lane. What I DISAGREE with you on is that people can drive as fast as they choose with no regard for the speed limit.
I gotta lemon you can suck on ol' man.
You have no idea how many road miles I have driven in my life, that's a pretty ignorant statement. Let's see YTD I already have 14,000 racked up.


Why don't you go suck on a lemon Supercop? Like I said I have driven further in my lifetime in reverse than you have forward! I know exactly how to treat the Giddy Up lane, I use it to pass only. It is twits that believe they must drive 68 in a 70 zone and stay in that lane that I have been and will continue to complain about. You cannot seem to get that through your pointed head super cop. Jeez!


I live in MO, Roguemaster. 2 over is one thing, blatant wreckless speeding is another. You do realize you are not supposed to drive in the hammer lane Rogue, you are supposed to pass and get over. So if you are driving in the hammer lane as your regular driving lane, you are breaking the law twice. You refuse to admit your are liberal as you believe you can do as you please without regard to anyone else.
Maybe you should get a vanity plate that says "Rogue" so we will know who you are while on the road. We wouldn't want to get your way MR. Important.


Obviously, OPPD could have handled the situation better. Ms. Metzler should have been given a teddy bear.


See C40 "Supercop" considers it a felony if you drive 2 over the speed limit, unreal. But meantime you can lounge in the left lane and impede traffice for miles, that's okey dokey. Jeez.

BTW Jeanette if you have been driving 38 years and ventured into Kansas at any time in that period you should know by now that you are a target! Particularly in Johnson County, I think they have a bounty on MO drivers. Just watch your p's and q's there, I mean just assume "Supercop" is on duty, lol.


C40, there are many here, namely Rogue that will tell you they can do as they please on the roads. Laws are not there for them but for everyone else. It's all part of their self absorbed, self importance complex.
After all, getting somewhere 3 minutes earlier far out weighs public safety.
We have idiots in every State, Chris, $30k and 30 miles does not a biker make :)
As for the observation of the police arresting a father in front of his child, I wonder what the warrant was for, probably child support no less.


So Jeanette is one of "those people" who block intersections while waiting at a red light. That might be one of my biggest pet peeves while driving: people who are so inconsiderate that they don't even consider that people on cross streets might want to make turns too.

I'm glad she got a ticket. If she has driven for 38 years like a selfish brat, then perhaps a $100 ticket will change her attitude.

Bravo, Overland Park. We don't appreciate idiots in Johnson County.

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