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March 30, 2008

Working the system

Greg Graeff (3/27, Letters) writes that the number of people who need help to survive is marginal compared with those who have learned to manipulate the system. He’s right.

The help given to people who are poor is marginal compared with the help given to Bear Stearns and other corporations, companies and individuals who are wealthy.

Mr. Graeff also accuses the Clintons of an “I’m smarter than you and I know what’s best for you” attitude, even as he himself asserts that Sen. Obama has a huge following of people who don’t understand the issues. If Mr. Graeff believes the issues are hypocrisy, arrogance, corruption, classism and blind self-interest, I agree with that much, too.

Tom Gould
Kansas City



Tom I understand this issue, government is WORSE than Enron.
Proff right here:



Tom it is unfortunate that so many Americans actually believe that people that choose between rent or sneakers and choose sneakers are somehow victims. People that perjure themselves to receive benefits and/or lie to Social Services about income, residency, etc. and benefit from it.
offering a safety net for a very short interim period is one thing, keeping and rewarding people for being dependent on government to handle family and personal financial affairs is not moral nor constitutional. The exception might be some ontervention in this mortgage fiasco but this would be an exception and not the general rule. Sol will get on herer and say it is not so, people that are poor do not wear authentic football and basketball jerseys or Air Jordans, nor do they sport various levels of bling or have expensive manicures and nail doos. There are people that need help and deserve help. Those that can afford designer clothes and expensive sneakers and many extras, are not poor and should receive NOTHING. Single parent and have these things but still complaining about how tough you have it? Too bad, stay married or cut back expenses just like us married folks have to do if the budget needs reconciled.

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