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April 02, 2008

Animals need room to roam

I can’t believe Allan Anderson’s (4/1, Letters) solution to help our beautiful zoo is to reduce the spacious habitats the zoo provides for its wild animals, sell some of the land and create a “smaller, denser zoo.”

Although there is a little extra walking from one beautiful habitat to another, I love the idea that the animals have space to roam. It’s not the mall — it’s a zoo.

People need to stop thinking about what is convenient for themselves and maybe take a little interest in the real reason many zoos exist: to educate us about the animals that are threatened or endangered in the world around us.

I couldn’t love our zoo more. If it’s too much exercise, then don’t bring your lazy bottoms there. If it’s too hot, go to the gym. Just stop whining.

Natalie Gates
Overland Park



Hey Nancy, Just Shut Up until you start paying the bills.


Nice to see somebody from OP who is not bothered with paying for this or the Sprint Center or Arrowhead giving Advice to those who do pay for it.

T. Hanson

I think we need to put every animal within 60 feet of the entrance of the zoo. But yet keep them in their natural habitat. Because we all know that tigers are just like our cats at home that can live in a 600 sq foot apartment with no problems.

I want to be able to see the animals without having to walk too far.

Stifled Freedom

Perhaps we should release the animals into the wild and close the zoo alltogether. That is the true PETA belief.

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