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April 16, 2008

Caring for our troops

As a veteran of W.W.II and Korea, I have been trying to get people to send letters or boxes so the troops know that somebody cares.

The reason they are committing suicide is because no one cares. I have been there.

Henry Weaver
Kansas City


Military Man

The military always says what a great job they do for the families of the military members. However, I believe there is more they could do. For instants some of the wives work outside the home as professionals. A lot of them are in teaching or other fields that require licensing. Every time a spouse moves to a new state there is another list of requirements they must fulfill in order to get licensed in that particular state. I believe that the military should lobby to have a standard licensing that the states would agree on for military spouses in the particular field they work in. Not only is it the headache of trying to figure out the licensing or testing of the new state but the continual paying out for new licensing. This can get expensive if you have a desire to continue the licensing in all the states in case of a return to that particular state. I know of a military spouse that is a lawyer and has had to take the bar exam in 9 states. I realize this would not be an easy task to undertake but believe standardization could be done.


I'm too broke trying to help the son who is unable to work because of his "non-combat related brain injury" yet, according to the V.A. is only 50% disabled.

BTW: It is the V.A. who has told him he is unable to work.


I do that Hank, and thanks for your service to our country. You should be very proud of your service in two separate conflicts. I salute you sir.


We would but thanks to increased taxation and foreign freebies, we can not afford to send a dime.
Maybe the Iraqi government should supply those troops defending THEIR country some care boxes or at least some pre-paid gas cards for their families back in the States.

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