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April 22, 2008

Coyotes in Leawood

Where are the cats? The Star’s article (4/20, Local, “City to discuss coyote remedy”) failed to mention the number of missing cats in Leawood.

I live at 126th and Mission Road and have been looking for my cat, Soccer, for five months. One could drive around the area mentioned in your article and see numerous signs posted for missing cats — owners pleading for their cats to be found and fearing the worst.

Driving to middle school at 7:20 a.m., I personally watched a coyote run through the yards of Cherry Creek (west of Mission Road). It is a scary sight. I understand the coyotes have nowhere else to go, but I also fear the aggressiveness of these animals and worry what will be their next victim.

I am an animal lover and fully support the city of Leawood to take action on removing these coyotes. It is the right thing to do.

Vicki Bishop

As a small-dog owner and wildlife advocate, I know it is my responsibility to protect my domestic animals as well as the surrounding wildlife and the environment. This is not a novel theory. I am shocked and bewildered at the ignorance of homeowners who react violently if someone’s fence is the wrong size, the landscaping isn’t up to snuff and the ignorance of understanding surrounding wildlife.

People who don’t educate themselves and expect wildlife to cater to their whims are frankly irresponsible. Anyone who has the gall to say the Collarum is a humane trap has obviously not done their research at collarum.com. Not only is this inhumane; these traps are dangerous for domestic pets and children as well.

It takes a village to raise children and be responsible for our environment and wildlife. Wake up and smell the coffee. Educate yourselves Leawood residents, and grow up.

Kathy Much-Lipschutz



Deer have been long gone from this area. My Grandfather hunted in the area before 1900 and he told me he had never seen a deer or any spoor. In any event, the present animals are a repopulation, or as I said, an influx.


Good evening ggbridge,

You are right on about people letting a predatory animal,(cats), run loose in the community. In Hawaii, cats and another import, snakes, have caused the extinction of many local creatures.

Hello Engineer,

Nice to see you haven't lost the ability to misinterpret history while I was on vacation.

Deers had been almost wiped out for meat and then disease around the turn of the last century, and coyote's and foxes were hunted agressively for their furs in the expansion into and "civilizing of our region. The end of these demands is why we see encroahment into our cities. (although as we expand to the point when kck is connected to Louisburg through continuous commercial and residential developments, who is encroaching on whom?


katman & NMMNG
The current "Coyotes, fox, deer, varmints" are more or less interlopers. I hunted all over the area in the "30s and didn't ever see any coyotes or deer or even their spoor. Once in a great while a fox.


Where are all the songbirds? They're back! Because coyotes are taking care of all the cats in Leawood! Outdoor cats are much more destructive than coyotes when it comes to the toll on wildlife. Keep cats indoors. Otherwise, more power to ya, coyotes!


Katman you are correct. How vain humans are. Rather than make due with the plentiful housing available, continued and uneeded expansion runs rampant.

My question is who the hell let's their animals run lose 24 hours a day and does not watch them while they are out doing their business. Cats especially. We would never let our cat out in the yard, loose.

If a predator comes on your property that is one thing but outside of that, all is fair game.


Coyotes, fox, deer, varmits, snakes...or your house pets. There is something called the food chain. We've removed their homes and their sources of food. Now you want to remove them. Isn't this what happened to the American Indians? I won't go to the extent of mentioning Hitler. Someday, the statues of the deer on Tomahawk Parkway will be the only sign remaining. Sounds like human imperialism to me.

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