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April 18, 2008

Criticism of Jimmy Carter

Citizens of the U.S. should be able to expect statesmanship — displays of wisdom and skill regarding public issues — from former presidents. Jimmy Carter travels the world putting down the United States and is now heading to Syria to confer with the Hamas terrorist-in-chief.

Carter wasn’t a first-rate president and he is a worse elder statesman.

Marilyn Crews
Kansas City



Odd post from someone one of whose main themes is criticizing those who say "your guy is worse than my guy". My opinion is that President Bush, like his father, will behave as a principled gentleman.


Quick take Jimma's passport away from him, and for crying out loud stop sending Emory U. $18-20 million a year for Carter's Foundation.....


What? You think ole Jimmie don't like Bush? What would give you that idea?

Sucker has gotten more sanctimonious as he ages. Comes with believing in the absolute wisdom of your beliefs. There for I expect ole W. to get the same way on the other side.


I am in full agreement with you about Jimmy Carter. His inexperienced four year term as President hurt us badly with U.S. diplomacy (hostages)and brought us economic chaos.

He has tried redeeming himself with Habitat, of which I am a volunteer. It's a gentlemen's agreement that ex Presidents don't criticize the current President. They understand how difficult the position is. Evidently Carter had little understanding of the problems of the Presidency. A 'gag rule' needs to be applied to him before further damage is done.


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