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April 08, 2008

Family denied cat adoption

My wife and I recently decided to bring a second cat into our home. Instead of paying hundreds to a retail store, we chose adoption from a shelter.

With our calm, 18-month-old daughter, we set our sights on an adult male cat. Grown cats have a harder time being adopted.

It turns out, the cat we desired must have told Purrfect Pets beforehand that he prefers “older children.” We were rudely turned away because the volunteer thought our gentle toddler might hurt the cat. She wouldn’t even let us get acquainted.

This is the same place that has a half-ton of fluorescent yellow signs telling how hard it is for the adoption business. Too many cats are taken in, but not enough families are adopting.

Purrfect Pets will never see any of our family’s money. To Purrfect Pets, having a child precluded us from adopting a cat.

Justin Amberson
Overland Park


Roopy Roo

The volunteers who assist with the adoption process now the animals in their care. Purrfect Pets was doing you a favor Justin by not allowing your family to adopt the specific cat you were looking at. You could have been more patient with the volunteer and staff at Purrfect Pets and they would have asssited you in the selection of the right cat for your growing family. You should give them another try as they are a wonderful rescue organization.


LOL!! Good one Jack!

Then they can let their toddler "gently" swing it around by its tail.


Geez, just kidnap one when it comes in your yard to kill birds.

Problem solved.

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