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April 12, 2008

Horror of puppy mills

If you tuned in to the recent “Oprah Winfrey Show” regarding puppy mills, surely you were horrified to discover the atrocities happening in many puppy mills around the country.

If you didn’t see the episode, you missed seeing dogs that had metal pipes shoved down their throats to damage their vocal cords so severely they would be unable to bark. You missed seeing rescued dogs that had to learn to walk because they had spent their entire lives in cages with only enough room to stand. You missed seeing more than 40 beautiful, friendly dogs being euthanized in one day at a Fort Worth animal shelter because there was no room for them and no one to adopt them.

If our society can allow these poor innocent animals to be treated this way, it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to understand why there is so much violence perpetrated against women and children, another vulnerable population. Please visit hsus.org to find out what you can do to help stop animal abuse.

Finally, please visit your local animal shelters to find a dog in desperate need of a soft place to land.

R. A. Dyer
Lee’s Summit



Solly that was an idiotic comment and really beneath you. Therefore I am going to ignore it.


Good afternoon engineer,

looking at an issue from more than from narrow points of view is what i menat..


PETA is a "wonderful organization"?



I've got an idea i think might suit you. why don't we put all the dogs and cats that are killed in shelters in a huge enclosure and let you and your Buddy's shoot them.

just for fun and to save local tax dollars.

Roo made sense in hiis post but because he mentioned the NRA, (of which I am a recent member), you did not hear anything else.


Roo, with all due respect you are a moron.

You castigate the NRA, but do you know who has done more to support wildlife, habitat preservation, etc. than any other group?

I can asure you it is not PETA, or its big brother HSUS. It is the American Hunter. Every purchase we make contributes to wildlife preservation and conservation. Further, our own groups such as Ducks and Quail Unlimited have purchased kept pristine millions of acres of habitat. We do more in one day that all the blood throwing maniacs of PETA and the HSUS have done it their life times.

Like I said a complete moron.

Roopy Roo

I have been to the two web sites in your post Tom K. Those web sites are the opposite of the animal rights movement. Just like a conservative vs a liberal perspective. Public opinion is changing in the direction of animal rights because people are coming around to believe that no sentient creature should suffer. Activists from animal rights are no more pulling the "wool over our eyes" than say the National Rifle Association. Two schools of thought being played out in the arena of public opinion. HSUS and PETA and PCRM are wonderful organizations seeking to advance all life.

Tom K

Average Joe, all that I can add to that is that I agree with you.

Stifled Freedom

I have not seen it, but I am sure Oprah did a fine job of sensationalizing and distorting. Conflating and lying are the name of the game.

Tom K

And if you actually watched the show, you would know that they showed no evidence that people shoved pipes down dog's throats. The show was heavy on emotion, very light on facts, and very manipulative with no attempt to respect the truth.

Go to these websites and learn the truth about the HSUS and why they would support lies about breeders. By the way, I don't know a single dog breeder, more's the pity, but I respect what they do:



Learn about how these humane societies tell us that there is a "pet overpopulation crisis" but the truth is that they often have so few pets to adopt out that they have to import from out of the US.

Connecticut learned of their shortage after a state task force investigated. The same URL mentions the importation of large numbers of dogs from Mexico and Puerto Rico:

The HSUS, which actually ran the proceedings during that Oprah segment, has an ongoing agenda against all animal-based businesses. It has been caught in all sorts of funny business, and at that Hallmark Meat packing plant, they withheld information from the USDA concerning our food safety until they finished their so-called investigation.

The dog breeders have to obey federal law and be USDA inspected, just like that meat plant, and the animal rights activists cannot be trusted, in fact the AR activists are listed by the FBI as part of the number one terrorist threat to the USA.

Oprah allowed a very untrustworthy bunch to use her show to try to whip up paranoia against people who perform a service that is essential to the survival of dogs, cats, and other animals.

There are a lot of things not to like about any breeding operation, no matter how well run, and no matter what an operator does, no matter how many millions of dollars he throws at the problems, there will indeed be suffering because that is what life naturally includes.

The activists are pulling the wool over our eyes and demanding that we eliminate a lot of the animal population from the Earth to eliminate suffering, which can only be eliminated by eliminating life. Without some kind of distorted perspective, which the HSUS is happy to provide for us, we would realize that they are actually asking for us to place animal populations in danger and to damage the ecology.

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