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April 26, 2008

Identifying victims of ID theft

In The Star’s article “Know where your ID is now?” (A-1, 4/24), Judy Ancel, director of UMKC’s Institute for Labor Studies, stated how it was wrong to compare immigrant workers who assume someone’s identity to persons who fraudulently take our credit cards. Bull-hockey!

Stealing is stealing, whether it’s an identity or an automobile. Sure the immigrant’s family will suffer, but what about Amanda Bien, the ID theft victim in this article? Does not her suffering count? After all, she has done nothing wrong.

What about the local, county and state governments that suffer financially to deal with this mess? Some of that is my money. When will the federal government do what is right and not what is politically correct?

Their excuse is the same one we are getting for the price of gas or the price of rice: “supply and demand.” We’ve got too may illegals and not enough money, manpower or straight-thinking politicians to do anything about it.

As for Ms. Ancel, I can only hope her identity is never stolen. It may cause a conflict of interest to fight for her rights as an American citizen or cause some anguish in an illegal’s household.

Kris Kozak



Geez Nomo! The guy, although phrasing tings badly, is trying to be on your side. He is blaming illegals and government for high prices, saying that they are claiming supply and demand when they are not allowing it.

Can't he even agree with you right?

Stifled Freedom

Obama was not what I had in mind. Obama isn't going to change anything except make govt even bigger. The candidates for real change were eliminated as kooks.


Supply and demand bogus? Explain this.

The main effect of the walkout was likely to be felt by the British Treasury — which relies heavily on taxes from oil production — and at gas stations in Scotland, some of which limited purchases in anticipation of the strike.

The government urged motorists not to hoard fuel, saying there would be enough to go around. It wants to avoid a repeat of scenes in 2000 when motorists were forced to line up at gas stations as truckers angry at heavily taxed fuel brought Britain to a standstill by blockading refineries.

"There is plenty of petrol and diesel in Scotland to meet demand during this period of time," the government's business secretary, John Hutton, told the British Broadcasting Corp. "But of course there is going to be a challenge if people change the way that they consume fuel."

Gas stations in and around Edinburgh were limiting purchases to 20 pounds — equivalent to $40 — per visit Saturday, and lines of cars formed beside some pumps. A number of stations reported they had run out of gas and diesel.

Some Scottish gas stations were charging 1.25 pounds — $2.47 — Saturday for a liter of unleaded, up from about 1.08 pounds — $2.14 — on Monday.

The Scottish government said 72,000 tons of extra fuel was being imported from Europe to help keep the country running.


Supply and demand a lie? How so?
So explain how to determine prices for products and commodities? Who sets the price? Who determines profits margins?
ID theft should be a priority but the credt reporting agencies are making too much money from it, so you think they want it to stop?
Voting for change. Please spare us the bogus Obama line will you. If change is higher taxation, more affirmative action, more government telling us what our kids are entitled to and if we don't give it to them we go to jail, more dialogue with rogue nations, more attacks on enterprise and small business, that's change we do not need.

Stifled Freedom

"When will the federal government do what is right and not what is politically correct?"

Not until January 2009 at the earliest....and probably not then either. Things will change when you vote for change.

Identity theft is a very low priority with police and federal officials. The war on sex is much more fun for them.

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