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April 17, 2008

Kauffman Center

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a hard hat tour of the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts construction site.

I don’t think this project is on everyone’s radar yet, but it should be. The site is amazing, as is the intricacy of the details that are going into this facility.

One building with two theaters has been designed and is being constructed specifically for the patron (you) and the musicians and performers in mind. There are 196 restroom stalls and on site parking.

This project is 100 percent financed by private donations, with the Kauffman family taking the lead along with many others. As citizens of this region, we need to pull out our own checkbooks to help raise the rest of the money that will be needed for an endowment.

The entire region will benefit from this venue that will literally put Kansas City on the map worldwide.

Kathy Peterson
Prairie Village



FT - I was being facetious.
I am a proponent of the Arts.
Most in this town or any other regard the LJ's of the world much more important and worthy.
Sports first, arts last.



In the future try to not let your arrogance shine through. In a metro area as diversified and large as ours, there is plenty of room for enthusiasts of all kinds...including the arts.

The current barn that the symphony plays in is one of the worst halls that I've ever experienced as a concert-goer. The sound that Stern and the instrumentalists in the symphony create now is amazing considering their acoustical limitations. The new Kauffman Performing Arts Center will be as much of a cultural lightening rod for our area as the Art Museum, Sprint Center, or our professional sports teams.


No one cares about the Arts. This town only cares about 2 things.

#27 and the DoDo Birds.

T. Hanson

And yet not one classical station on the FM dial.

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