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April 10, 2008

Not all cats do well with kids

On behalf of Purrfect Pets, I have the following comments for Justin Amberson (4/9, Letters, “Family denied cat adoption”).

It is our mission at Purrfect Pets to find the best possible homes for each of our animals. The cat in question had come from a home in which he did not do well with a visiting 1-year old grandchild. Our first obligation is to our cats, and we try hard to place them appropriately.

Mr. Amberson failed to mention that the volunteer he spoke with directed his wife to another cat that had done beautifully with younger children. She refused to consider her.

Mr. Amberson feels that our adoption system is fundamentally flawed, but we have established these parameters to protect both owner and cat. We thrive on long-term partnerships between human and beast. We do not thrive on returns.

Jennifer Zaman
Volunteer, Purrfect Pets
Overland Park


Roopy Roo

Purrfectly said! Purrfect Pets and all the other companion animal rescue organizations in the area do a wonderful job. And to all the adoptors who work with them, a heart felt thank you.


It's a cat. Get over it. I mean, I could see all this commotion if it was a dog. But over a cat? Geeeeez.

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