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April 25, 2008

Pick up after your pets

My husband and I own two large dogs. We exercise them by walking three times a day through the Woodson Estates and Timber Valley area. Lately (maybe because of the warmer weather) people are approaching us and accusing us of allowing our animals to “do their business” on people’s lawns.

Many people in our neighborhood have large dogs and don’t pick up after them. We see it every day. Others allow them to run loose in the early morning hours, and we are being blamed for all of it.

We carry a large black bag, complete with plastic baggies and scoops, to be sure that we leave no mess behind. We wouldn’t mind so much being questioned by folks who don’t see us pick up, but the yelling and cursing at us really gets on our nerves.

People, if you are a pet owner, be a responsible one so that those of us who are don’t have to take the blame for your actions.

Joyce Kidd
Kansas City



Pooh on you!

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