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April 06, 2008

Share the wealth, Jo Co

It amazes me to see the letters and comments from people from Leawood and Overland Park criticizing the mayor for cutting funding to the zoo.

Even though I don’t agree with the decision, I get angry when people outside Kansas City criticize. Reason: It is my tax dollars that pay for the zoo, the stadiums, the WWI memorial, the Sprint center — not theirs.

It is my tax dollars that are paying for the things that I cannot afford to take my grandchildren to see.

If it were not for the low cost of the zoo membership we would not be going there, and it is looking like that will be joining the ranks of the stadium and Sprint Center as unaffordable.

If you in Kansas are so interested, then why don’t you petition your city councils to help create a regional fund to support things like the zoo? Quit making me pay for your entertainment.

Linda Durbin
Kansas City



The big problem is that those of us in Kansas do not trust Missouri politicians to manage our money. If a system could be set up that insures the funds could be handled properly and for the purpose for which they were collected and only for that purpose some progress could be made. At least I, for one, would be wiling to support such things as the WWI Memorial and the Zoo.


Yep, sounds like the conservatives on here are talking about responsibility again...as in the responsibility of "somebody else" to pay for things everybody benefits from.

"If you threw JoCo a bone at least once in a while by putting an attraction there"

Um, since when did KC make the decisions about what gets built in JoCo? When Sprint Center was still an idea, was JoCo chomping at the bit to build a modern arena for the area? If so, I must have missed it. Maybe JoCo would be willing to pony up for a zoo, and KCMO could just transfer all its animals and other assets across the state line. Somehow I don't think JoCo will be making that offer anytime soon.

Without an airport, a major convention center, and to a lesser extent major league sports facilities and other amenities like the Liberty Memorial, etc., this whole metro area wouldn't be worth a damn. The major businesses here would never have developed here, or would have long since moved elsewhere. KC understands this. JoCo just wants a free ride and like good conservatives they throw a fit when asked to pay for their share of services.


I believe the Sprint Center is being funded largely by out-of-towners by way of higher car rental fees - so it doesn't really fit in the mix.

BTW - anyone from MO ever go to Kansas Speedway? Ever hear of Kansans threatening YOU with financial penalties if you don't stay home and spend your money elsewhere? If Mo can't afford all of its attractions - give 'em up. Just quit bitchin'.


Why don't we have a regional tax for the next twenty years. All the funds from this tax will go to Johnson County, be controlled by Johnson County politicians for attractions located in Johnson County, and everyone else can come if they so choose. Or not. Sound good Kansas City?

If you threw JoCo a bone at least once in a while by putting an attraction there, if you gave up some control on funds once in a while, and if you stopped whining about everything, then maybe a bi-state might work.


I say slap a surcharge on all non-KCMO residents to attend the zoo et al. I'd rather pay that they give my tax dollars to your crooked pols.

big dreamer

The idea of a regional fund for tourist attractions is a great idea..but remember, Johnson Co. residents do nothing that does not benefit them directly. Many of them would not see it as helping their community improve so they would never agree to help fund these attractions. These same people do not feel they would see an increase in funds to their community because the Zoo, WWI Museum and Stadiums are so far removed from their precious corner of perfection. Although a regional sales tax to pay for these things may be an answer. It has been done in other cities and then everyone contributes including tourists and those just passing through. Your idea merits further discussion, although I doubt politicians around here are intelligent enough to discuss such things.

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