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April 25, 2008

Sharing road with motorcycles

In response to Dean Richards’ letter (4/22) about motorcyclists: I have been riding for more than 40 years and neither I nor anyone I know rides between two lines of stopped cars, or weaves in and out of traffic. I see more people in cars doing stupid stuff than people on motorcycles.

Most of the riders and drivers who do these things are young people. They all need to be more educated in operating any motor vehicle. I’m very happy to see “Share the Road With Motorcycles” messages on the Scout signs.

I belong to Freedom of Road Riders, and we are the organization responsible for these messages. We promote motorcycle safety for everyone. It is our No. 1 priority. So watch for motorcycles. They are everywhere.

Keith Cronin
Kansas City

I, for one, am quite pleased that the traffic alert boards read “Share the Road With Motorcycles.” Our group of riders takes extra measures to observe laws and remain safe, as do other groups I know. We routinely take safety courses to remain defensive, safe riders.

Although there are a few of the so-called “crazy” ones out there on bikes, there are also a few of the “crazy” ones in cars as well. I don’t see Mr. Richards requesting signs that read “Caution, Car Drivers at Play.”

Next time, Mr. Richards, try not to stereotype those of us who love to ride, respect the law and respect other drivers.

Laura George



Excellent point! No, I absolutely do not want the government to control my live. But, I do want every biker and cyclist who chooses not to wear a helmet -- to please sign an organ donor card. There are many invdividuals who can use their parts. Their brains are no good, although unused. Stupidity is contagious and mong these people it's in epidemic proportions.

Wishing all of us a plentiful harvest.




While I agree that not wearing a helmet is an incredibly stupid thing to do, do you really think that is the government's job to protect us from ourselves?

I'll give you the insurance argument. If a private company decides to deny insurance to someone who doesn't ride with a helmet, fine. That's a private company making a business decision. However, government has no business protecting me from myself.

What's next, mandates on exercise. How about bans on fatty foods? Wait, isn't NYC already doing that...


katman: Something to be thankful for. Ever seen a really fat guy in spandex?


Not much in the way of 'pithy' comments. The Gary Busey's of the world must be out on their hogs playing King of the Road.

I suspect a fortune could be made in the funeral business for our helmet-less friends.

A major difference I notice between a cyclist and a biker is their relative size and corpulence.



When I see a bicycle rider with their little helmet, spandex pants and cute little shoes, I always think of Dennis Leary's response to them:

"Lock and load!"

It ain't right. But it's true. And yes, you will probably out live me because of it.




Oh.....so you're one of those guys in spandex and loud colors.....and you ride a bike too!


I can't believe that there is an entire letter on motorcycle safety where helmets are not mentioned. Local and national motorcycle injuries and deaths are heavily skewed towards riders not wearing helmets. It would seem appropriate that insurance be withheld in injury and death cases where a helmet was not being worn. I have been a bicyclist for 30+ years and would dream of riding with anyone not wearing a helmet. What say you?


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