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April 14, 2008

Special parking at Sprint Center

The Sprint Center has special suites that average Joes like me are helping pay for, since I have rented cars multiple times since the tax passed. I will never see these suites, which are occupied by companies that I will probably never know the names of.

I am sure these special suites have better seats than what I have gotten to sit in. I am sure these special suites have wider rows than what I have had to navigate through.

Now these same privileged companies will probably be getting special parking spots that I will not get to use (4/8, .A-1, “School board plans HQ sale; City is interested in the 11-story building for Sprint parking, an annex and a light-rail station”). But who is going to pay for their parking? I am sure it will be the average Joes.

It really makes me shake my head, wondering who our government is for. Everyone, or the privileged few?

Steven Thomas
Kansas City


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