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April 22, 2008

Thank you, Gill Studios

The James A. Fussell article about the origin of the bumper sticker (4/19, FYI, “Honk for KC area inventor; Lenexa firm originated the mobile messages about 60 years ago”) is a finely written and well-deserved tribute to Gill Studios Inc. Besides being a successful and original industry, the bumper sticker concept is, indeed, “an American form of communication.”

However, local readers may not be aware that, under the leadership of company chairman Mark Gilman (the founder’s son-in-law), Gill Studios has given back to this community in so many ways, especially in its support of the arts. From its contributions to high schools through professional theater grants, free publicity and gifts, Gill Studios has quietly but effectively encouraged and enhanced the continuing growth of the performing arts in Kansas City.

So, here’s a suggestion for a new bumper sticker: “Go Gill for KC”.

Frank Robertson
Historian, The Barn Players


T. Hanson

"Support Search And Rescue, Get Lost"

-On the back of a truck belonging to vol. firefighter, rescue team member in Alaska.


I am fascinated by bumper stickers. Like tatoos, they tell a story about the owner. I miss the old clunker covered with stickers against everything imagineable. My favorite is MONDALE-FERRARO bumper stickers because the car has to be at least 25 years old.


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