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April 15, 2008

The threat of overpopulation

There have been many newspaper stories about the world food and water shortages, destruction of habitat due to reckless paving and building, pollution of our atmosphere and oceans and all the other major global problems.

The writers of these articles always seem to stop short of stating the real problem, which is the cancerous growth of the human population. From the time humans evolved (yes, I said evolved) it took millions of years for the world population to reach one billion in about 1804.

It took only 123 years for it to reach two billion in 1927. In 1960 it reached three billion.

In 1999 it reached six billion and now it’s more than six and a half. Am I the only one who is terrified by these figures?

This little planet Earth is the only home we’ve got, and if we don’t stop eliminating other plant and animal species by our uncontrolled breeding, we and it are doomed.

Michael Fopeano



I don't know where you got your figures, but if 52% of the population are women, each and every woman would have to have an average of 1.9+ children to maintain the population. If only 40% of the population (77% of the women) have children it would require an average of 2.5 each to maintain population.


"Forbidden fruit"?

Sounds kinda gay.


In the article I read, there was no mention of the fruit flies consuming alcohol.


“female fruit flies sometimes choose males who win fights, sometimes choose males who do not fight, and sometimes choose males for no obvious reason, say biologists.”

Which makes them different from human females in what way?


Jack, I’m just saying that it seems European men no longer have a need for birth control of any type, because they are no longer interested in their wives . . . in that way. From the second link, researchers have found that the “decline in the sex drives of Italian men has increased threefold during the past decade.” Good Lord, if Italian men are no longer hot-blooded, what’s left for American women to dream about?

But, if being a beta male is cause for concern, cheer up, new research shows that “female fruit flies sometimes choose males who win fights, sometimes choose males who do not fight, and sometimes choose males for no obvious reason, say biologists.” http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/04/080415210626.htm
Providing a ray of hope for all beta males.


Kate: Are you insinuating that the American Male is becoming well..... Let's call it impotent?

To put a George Carlin line in polite terms, we are now seeing the results of the "wussification" of the American male.

If choosing 20 some years ago to get a vasectomy makes me a "wuss", I'm okay with that. If choosing NOT to keep fathering children means I am some how less an "alpha male", I can live with that also.

If a thoughtless pursuit of spreading one's seed makes someone else question my manhood, they need to take a long hard look in the mirror.

Can you hear me sticking my tongue out at you?


I have been happily married to my bride going on 35 years. I think highly of the institution, and I am just not going to worry about the beta males in Parkville and the "threat" of over population.

T. Hanson

Call it what it is. I mean I am single and not in a big rush to get married mostly because of odds. 50% of married couples get a divorce within a few years. And then the man usually losses 50% of his paycheck to alimony or child support (paging NMMNG).

Now I don't want to lay the blame, but when you look at today's culture (To paraphrase Burger King, "I want it My Way") many don't want compromise and that is for both sexes. Which leads to the high rate of divorce (well that and gay marriage, but that is off topic).

Also in one of the links you posted it said "50 years ago...a man got married right of college" well 100 years ago a man got married in his teens. Was it because that was what society dictated or was it because the life expectancy was lower then? I am sure it was both, but to me marriage is not really the bread and butter of life anymore. Call me cynical.


“The birth rate in "advanced nations" falls because the people practice birth control.”

The birth rate’s falling because Europe is full of Beta males.

And we’re headed the same direction. First Seattle, then Parkville. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/living/2004328748_bromance07.html


The birth rate in "advanced nations" falls because the people practice birth control. That of course, will soon be outlawed in the good old U. S. of A.

Resources are finite. There can only be so many people before momma earth says, "Enough." Some of it we are already seeing. As we get better at keeping those alive with genetic defects, the number of genetically diseased people goes up.

There is a story within the Native American cultures. Mainly the animal changes from place to place based on which was most important within a given culture.

The story goes that the heard was thinning to the point the people were suffering. The people prayed to Mother Earth to help. Mother Earth gave them the wolf. The wolf took the sick, the weak and the old. The heard grew strong again.

Now pull your undies out. I ain't suggesting eugenics. I am suggesting that when Mother Earth decides "enough" she will create a wolf for us.

Food riots are upon us. The potential for food wars is growing every day. And the fight for water is just getting started.

Sure would hate to have government money going to teaching birth control.

T. Hanson

Ahh.. Don't ever underestimate mother nature. I am sure we will have a nice disease or two come up.


What a hoot. There were books in the 70's that said the world would never make it to 2000 because of "overpopulation". I guess the alarmists out there have to trot this tripe out about every 20 to 30 years.

mike d

On the contrary, Mike, "we" are not breeding uncontrolably. The populations of industrialized nations will plummet in the next 50 years, due to low birthrates. It takes approximately 1.7 kids per woman to sustain positive population growth. Currently the US, nearly all of Europe Russia, Japan and China are all well below that number. Just an fyi, the earth ain't going anywhere. "We" on the other hand.....



And if the black plague hadn't hit Europe we'd have 18 billion on the planet now. And if we hadn't had WW2, how many people would we have now? Given the decimation of Africa due to the AIDS virus and the history of wars this century, I wouldn't be too concerned. I'd be more concerned about the next big disease or the next big war. I'd be worried about the millions of Chinese men who are never going to have wifes due to the one child policy in China, especially when history shows us that countries that have a huge ratio of men to women often go to war.

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