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April 25, 2008

To prevent pregnancy, XYZ

The citizens of Kansas, Missouri and the rest of the U.S. have gotten things backward. They keep targeting pregnant women as the focus of their efforts to reduce abortion. What seems forgotten is that the body part that generally causes the pregnancy is not part of the female anatomy. We need a campaign targeted at males that would be low cost, non-intrusive and easy to implement.

How about “Prevent Pregnancy — Keep Your Zipper Up.”

Betty Banner
Manhattan, Kan.


Dan Beyer

I understand what the woman wrote. My point since I have to break it down to you, is that we need to use our brain first. Was that clear enough for you this time?



The letter was not about using ones brain. jack(louie) and I have both said in these threads many times that education is very important in preventing teen pregos. We have also both spoken of personal responsibilities when it comes to intercourse.

Probe the topic the letter writer mentions.

Dan Beyer

I guess having a discussion about using one's brain was too much for you two.


The reason the weekend is comprised the way it is is so those who sow their wild oats on Friday and Saturday can go to church Sunday and pray for crop failure.

Remember boys! Flies spread disease! Keep your's closed!


Seems to me that a loving God would not create people who are horny so much of the time if that God didn't want them to do anything about it.

Of, course, it seems to me that, with the exception of rape, it takes the decisions of two people to make a pregnancy. It don't make no difference where, how often, or how hard you throw the ball unless there is a glove there to catch it!

Thanx sol. Good chuckle.




Dan Beyer

And what do you educate class? That's right, the brain!


How about keep your legs closed!

big dreamer

I always thought it takes a hose and a cavern to induce pregnancy. How stupid of me to not know it only takes one or the other not both. We have to target BOTH genders! Some men are too stupid to even realize it happens that way.......some women do not realize the dangers......but if we focus on educating both men and women, boys and girls it might help but then again, nature is a powerful force.


Dan and KATMAN,

I know you're poking fun with Betty, penetrating her letter just enough deep enough to make her .....oops sorry

Whats really funny is that she says the body part that "generally" causes the pregnancies, as if it isn't the case in all natural pregnancies.

Unless Betty has a technique i don't know of.


Betty, I commend you for your analogy that focuses on another part of the anatomy. Never could understand why the brain becomes paralyzed when the blood rushes to the reproductive area. I expect drugs and alchohol are both catalysts.

These same individuals probably drive without seat beats and ride motorcycles without helmets. And, what happens when they get a firearm?


Dan Beyer

The brain IS part of the female anatomy as well as the male's!

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