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May 09, 2008

Air-conditioning overkill

With these recent days of warm weather, local businesses seem ready to kick their air conditioning into high gear. I just sat through my first frigid lunch wishing I’d brought a jacket even though the weather outside was comfortably warm.

I’m not sure which I look forward to least: the oppressive KC summertime heat or the frigid temperatures in most shops and restaurants in response to it.

Do business owners think patrons enjoy carrying jackets with them on hot days so we can be comfortable indoors? Do they think we’ll be impressed by all the money and energy they waste keeping their establishments uncomfortably cool?

Can anybody explain why we feel obligated to keep indoor spaces cooler in the summer than in the winter when we’re already dressed for the cold?

Devin Martin
Kansas City


Stifled Freedom

I agree with Mr. Martin, most of these businesses are over air conditioned. Why should you have to wear a jacket in the summer during an energy crisis. That is just stupid.


Want some cheese with that whine Devin? Buy a jacket dipstick.....


People bitch about anything!

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