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May 13, 2008

Barbara Walters’ poor example

Apparently if everything is correct that Barbara Walters writes about in her new autobiography, Walters has fooled the world (5/2, A-6, “Walters reveals affair; Her relationship with a married black senator in the ’70s could have cost their careers, she says.”)

The “View” ladies have always limited their “shady” topics when Walters was on the set so as not to offend the prudish, proper “lady.” Now they must know that anything goes.

She and those who have been interviewing her seem proud of her illicit affair. Wouldn’t you think Walters would be more concerned about the example she could set for young journalists and leave her tales of adultery for her biographers?

No wonder Walters had trouble raising a daughter. Someone should have suggested that setting a proper example would have been the best way to go.

I can’t believe she is able to face the nation with her stories of illicit affairs. Oh well, that’s what sells books. Shame on her.

B.J. Taylor
Overland Park



Eng: I figure they will explain why who a consenting adult has sex with is someone else's business upon my arrival at the gates of hell. For, Lord! I have sinned!

T. Hanson

This is sweeps month, and from the looks of it all shows are loosing viewers. So what else attracts ratings than controversy?

Bring on the clowns of The View.

I am surprise that they have not had a cliff hanger on American Idol. I could just hear Ryan Seacrest say, "Tune in tomorrow for the results, the looser will be shot."

Stifled Freedom

Like many politicians, she created the standards by which she will be judged.

Someone should go back and quantify how many times she capitalized on sex and the infidelity of others for her own career gain. Just so we have a full picture of her career.

She sure did decieve a lot of poeple and judged a lot...all the while she was committing the same sin.



One that bears fruit and provides shade.


Remember that promiscuity adn infidelity are noble and rewarded in this country if you are female. You get a bonus if you have children and a yet bigger bonus if they have different fathers.


Apparently Babs baby screwed everything but a light bulb!

I see her now in a whole new light.

"If you were a tree Solly, what kind of tree would you be?"


Good morning Engineer,

I'd have to agree, usually who BW (or anyone else for that matter) sleeps with is of no concern to me whatsoever.

I do wonder though, was it only the black politician she diddled or was he the one she mentioned because he'd be controversial?


BJ - Barabara Wawa has plenty of money, so you can not say she is a poor parent. There is only one factor in parenting. Money.
Ask any court and look at any legislation that has passed, money is the only factor considered in parenting.


Perhaps jack or solomon can help me. I've been trying to come up with soething about which I am less concerned. No luck so far.

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