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May 10, 2008

Bridge taking too long

It’s really great that the Noland Road bridge project was completed before the projected date (4/10, Local, “Span set to reopen — early!”). My concern is the amount of time it is taking to complete the bridge at Blue Parkway and Elmwood Ave. This is ridiculous, especially considering the same company has been contracted to do both bridges.

To leave the Plaza area and drive eastbound, just to have to get into a single-file line (through intersections with traffic signals that are not very well coordinated) during rush hour is cruel and unusual punishment.

Why, oh, why must we continue to suffer? How much longer will it take?

Michael Foster
Kansas City


T. Hanson

Do you think maybe the city paid this company more to fix a bridge that cross' over a major Interstate quicker? hmmmm.

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