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May 29, 2008

Communion cartoon

Lee Judge’s cartoon (5/24, Opinion) shows a priest getting ready to hand out Communion to a long line of people and saying, “Remember, Communion is only for those Catholics who agree with every position of the Church!” Then the next frame has no people receiving Communion.

What a horrible misrepresentation of the truth concerning what has happened between Archbishop Naumann and Gov. Sebelius. It is not about “every position” but about Sebelius’ support of abortion on demand for any reason.

I applaud the archbishop for calling abortion more than a personal choice but a choice that affects the life of the most innocent of humans. It is an evil that should be outlawed.

Mike Boudreaux
Excelsior Springs

Lee Judge just doesn’t get it. As an individual, I have a right to my personal beliefs and whether I subscribe to each Catholic Church position. As a governor and a Catholic, Sebelius’ personal belief in the Church’s position on abortion is no longer personal when she publicly advocates the killing of unborn babies.

The archbishop is likely to care less whether I accept the Church’s positions than whether a prominent public official publicly advocates something that is counter to their position, all while being known as a Catholic.

Tony Hawkins
Kansas City



I get paid robustly for what I do (and I get grossly taxed as well). If only I could have a cool job like his though.


It's appears to be a very simple matter. Lee Judge gets paid for he does and none of you do.


HC Brando

You certainly get perspective on the Catholic Church's sense of priorities when you hear the boasts of how Communion is denied those who believe women must be free to control their own reproductive destinies, yet notice how the Church is not so fussy over whom they allow to kick in to the old collection plate.


The problem I have with Catholicism is that very little is about what's in your heart versus church approval. "Officially" being "approved' for communion is ignorant and even more so by some priest that may very likely be a pervert.


Renfro, now if you could just draw up your rant as a cartoon, you could probably sign Lee Judge's name and have in the paper by tomorrow.

Unfunny and unenlightening is a bad combination.


Kansas or “God’s little Acre”? --- We’ve got our share of anti-abortion bible thumpers in Jefferson City but Kansas has us beat on the most visible or notable. --- With theocrats Sam Brownback and Phill Kline in the mix Sebelius should have little time to consider or succumb to Vatican rules or some Archbishop’s dogma while managing what should remain a secular government.
Not to be ignored Sebelius and Kansas are also blessed with another well-known religious resident? ------ Pastor Fred Phelps.
Happy Trails governor!


Your remark is okay Chris40 from Katman72. I respect your opinion & your analogy. I'm not searching for agreement and support of my opinions and thoughts. Participating in this column is kinda like eating Chinese food -- I always come away hungry.

There seems to be a penchant here for hurling invectives in the form of 'dull', blunted spears.



I have to disagree with you on this one, Katman. A beachball has a sharper wit than Lee Judge.


I used to allow myself to be offended by Lee Judge -- and on occasion I let him know it. His job is to please no one and be offensive & provocative to most.

Judge is certainly no more offensive and yet a lot more clever than some of the tripe we publish in this Unfettered Letters column.



If Lee Judge ever trades in his ugly and rude pen for one that draws insightful or funny cartoons, then he'd be a much better political cartoonist.

However, if he did that then he probably wouldn't be working at The Star anymore. As he is, he fits in well with Diuguid, Sanchez, Shelley, Scott, Lokeman et al. for lacking any coherent point but being pretty nasty just the same.


Judge is a card carrying member of the whackdom, just ignore the dipstick.

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