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May 09, 2008

Credit-card concerns

On May 5, I received a statement from a local department store saying that payment is due May 17. That’s 12 days from May 5.

Allowing three days for delivery of my payment, that leaves nine days for me to mail the payment.

Not too many years ago, a person was allowed 30 days to make a timely payment. Supposing I was out of town for a short vacation, how could I ever make a payment on time?

Is it possible that this creditor is trying to generate late-payment fees?

I notice other credit cards allow a period of up to 21 days for the recipient to respond.

Just how many days, from day of receipt to date of mailing, does a recipient have to get the payment off in the mail in time to avoid a late-payment fee?

John Woody



Credit card companies are playing more games than you can imagine. They do everything they can to generate extra charges. They overtly try to cause them.


Actually creditors pull this crap all the time. They tell you it is when THEY process it. Even online payments can be late if it takes them days to "process" or "batch".
The best rule is to pay online and a few days in advance.


I think there is this strange thing called "the internet" or something like that. But word on the street is that virtually every credit card company lets you pay through this magical system where you type into a little electric box, tell it how much money want to give to the CC company, click a nifty little button, and through lots of witch craft and science, the bill gets paid, on time!

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